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Cococure, Aldgate

Cococure is a well-loved, multi-levelled nightclub and eatery in Aldgate known to locals as the Home of the Afrobeat. The ground floor houses the cocktail lounge which hosts the high-end bar, pockets of intimate seating areas and a raised platform that is perfect for an assortment of events and media. Downstairs, in the basement, is where Cococure originates. The main nightclub dance and seating booths can be found amongst exciting design features and colourful textures.

The materiality was lifted from the client’s branding strategy which relates to culture and nature. The speak easy space upstairs is lined with timber louvers and wall panels to create the warmth and cosiness vibe. The bold colours and patterns, paired with the soft furnishings nod to the fun and playfulness of Cococure. In contrast, the bar area is cladded with our Sancy patterned wall tiles to emphasise luxurious details. The high-quality craftsmanship can be found in the laying of the triple-toned floor. These matt finish tiles with high slip-resistance that we sourced are water-jet cut to achieve the striking herringbone pattern.

Contrasting surfaces complement each other throughout Cococure. You’ll find concrete effect tiles paired with green walls, as well as moving video walls next to gold partitions and interesting wall panels. Smart lighting allows this space to be flexible and is available for a variety of events, day and night.

Architect - Scaleruler

Cococure, Aldgate Cococure, Aldgate Cococure, Aldgate Cococure, Aldgate