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Curative colour: the power to heal webinar


We recently hosted a webinar to celebrate the upcoming launch of our new Matrix ceramic wall tile collection.

Joanna Watchman from workinmind.org, experts in wellbeing in the workplace, was joined by key designers and industry professionals to discuss how colour can improve wellbeing and be incorporated into thoughtful design. Joining Joanna were Ben Channon, associate architect and head of wellbeing at Assael Architecture; Constantina Tsoutsikou, Studio LOST who brought a hospitality and public space perspective; Hamish Kilburn, editor, Hotel Designs; and Vanessa Konig, Konig Colours.

The webinar began by looking at wellbeing more generally before going on to talk more specifically about colour and wellbeing. The expert panel discussed whether there is a general fear of colour that is affecting wellbeing as well as other topics that were brought up in questions asked by the audience, including tips for using colour through products and how texture influences colour.

Vanessa concluded the webinar by giving us an insight into the process for choosing the 23 colours that form the Matrix collection.

A big thank you to the panel for their time and valuable insights and thank you to everyone that joined us live.

You can watch the webinar at your own leisure below or on YouTube.

To read the articles written by some of our panelists on the topic, click the links below!
Joanna Watchman (Workinmind) 'The power of using colour to create calm'
Hamish Kilburn (Hotel Designs) 'Parkside's discussion about colour & wellbeing' - https://hoteldesigns.net/industry-news/in-video-parksides-discussion-about-colour-wellbeing/



 Curative colour: the power to heal webinar  Curative colour: the power to heal webinar  Curative colour: the power to heal webinar