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Designed by Tokujin Yoshioka for Mutina, the Phenomenon collection combines small elements, inspired by textures from the natural world, to add depth to any wall.

"In collaboration with Mutina, I have pondered on designing tiles which express the textures of material derived from the nature. My intention is not to manipulate the appearance of nature, but to create a design, which stirs one’s heart and imagination and remains deep in one’s memory.”

Honeycomb B is available in 300x300mm with a varying depth of between 6 and 8mm.
Rain B is available in 250x300mm with a varying depth of between 5 and 7mm.

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In This Range

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Rain B Bianco


Special Order

Rain B Grigio


Special Order

Rain B Fango


Special Order

Rain B Nero


Special Order

Honeycomb B Bianco


Special Order

Honeycomb B Grigio


Special Order

Honeycomb B Fango


Special Order

Honeycomb B Nero


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