Designed by Tokujin Yoshioka for Mutina, the Phenomenon collection combines small elements, inspired by textures from the natural world, to add depth to any wall.

"In collaboration with Mutina, I have pondered on designing tiles which express the textures of material derived from the nature. My intention is not to manipulate the appearance of nature, but to create a design, which stirs one’s heart and imagination and remains deep in one’s memory.”

Honeycomb B is available in 300x300mm with a varying depth of between 6 and 8mm.
Rain B is available in 250x300mm with a varying depth of between 5 and 7mm.

In This Range

You can order up to 4 free samples at a time for next working day delivery if ordered before 1pm (UK only). Samples will be 100x100mm or the nearest available size. If you require more samples, full size pieces or our special order samples that are not kept in stock, please contact with your request and someone will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

Rain B Bianco


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Rain B Grigio


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Rain B Fango


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Rain B Nero


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Honeycomb B Bianco


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Honeycomb B Grigio


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Honeycomb B Fango


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Honeycomb B Nero


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