Pizza Express, Rushden Lakes

As a new unit situated at a busy retail and leisure park, this restaurant had many of the standard practical and budget-control requirements that you would expect to find. What made this project exceptional was its location on a nature reserve, which offered stunning views of the lake.

Various tiles were used on this scheme, all complementing the colour palette created by Creed Design Associates. The kitchen area sees 3 different tiles used, all a consistent size format but with different finishes and laid in different patterns to create an interesting and mixed aesthetic.  

The tile chosen for the front of the kitchen area uses a reactive glaze to give a varied nature, something that the clients were keen on having as it mimics the handmade tile look without the hefty price tag that can often accompany the labour-intensive, handmade process.

The tiles to the rear wall of the kitchen include a textured gloss white tile with a reflective finish, much like the water of the nearby lakes.

The end result is a distinctive, welcoming and bright environment that fully celebrates its location, while delivering on its requirement to be a successful operational revenue-generating space for the brand. 

Pizza Express, Rushden Lakes