Our Family

Clerkenwell Design Studio

[Tina Clark - Clerkenwell Showroom Manager]

Tina Clark

Clerkenwell DESIGN STUDIO Manager

[Patrick Stoner - Clerkenwell Showroom Sales Manager]

Patrick Stoner

Clerkenwell DESIGN STUDIO SALES Manager

Chelsea Design Studio

[Nicola Hellett - Chelsea Showroom Manager]

Nicola Hellett

Chelsea DESIGN STUDIO Manager

[Mattia Galassi - Chelsea Showroom Assistant Manager]

Mattia Galassi

Chelsea DESIGN STUDIO Assistant Manager

Cotswolds Design Studio*

[Polly McMahon - Sales And Design Manager]

Polly McMahon

Sales And Design Manager

Leicester Design Studio

[Louise Reddell - Architectural Sales Team]

Louise Reddell


* opening Summer 2019

Central Sales Support Team

[David Clare - Business Support Manager]

David Clare

Business Support Manager

[Clare Long - Central Support Team Manager]

Clare Long

Central Support Manager

[Holly Peck - Architectural Sales Team]

Holly Peck

Architectural Sales Team

[Jeremy Long - Operations Support Manager]

Jeremy Long

Operations Support Manager

[Josie Hodrien - Architectural Sales Team]

Josie Hodrien

Architectural Sales Team

[Kelly Goodacre - Architectural Sales Team]

Kelly Goodacre

Architectural Sales Team

[Nikki Brownley - Architectural Sales Team]

Nikki Brownley

Architectural Sales Team

[Sat Sandhu - Architectural Sales Team]

Sat Sandhu

Architectural Sales Team

[Zoe Stevens - Architectural Sales Team]

Zoe Stevens

Architectural Sales Team

Architectural Sales Team

[Alex Jones - Architectural Consultant]

Alex Jones

Architectural Consultant

[Andy Habbick - Architectural Consultancy Manager]

Andy Habbick

Architectural consultancy manager

[Colin Trenery - Architectural Consultancy Manager]

Colin Trenery

Architectural consultancy manager

[Danny Danks - Architectural Consultant Manager]

Danny Danks

Architectural Consultancy Manager

[Darroll Watts - Architectural Consultant]

Darroll Watts

Architectural Consultant

[Fraser Lockley - Architectural Sales Manager]

Fraser Lockley

Architectural consultancy manager

[Hugo Lopes - Interior Design Consultant]

Hugo Lopes

Interior Design Consultant

[Karl Reeves - Architectural Consultancy Manager]

Karl Reeves

Architectural consultancy manager

[Lee McConnell - Senior Sales Manager]

Lee McConnell


[Mark Williams - Sales And Design Director]

Mark Williams

Sales And Design Director

[Richard France - Sales And Design Director]

Richard France

Sales And Design Director

[Steve Lacey - Sales And Design Director]

Steve Lacey

Sales And Design Director

[Tracey Turner - Architectural Consultant]

Tracey Turner

Architectural Consultant



Central Team

[Brian Linnington - Managing Director Commercial]

Brian Linnington

Managing Director Commercial

[Courtney Maglone-Gillies - Digital Marketing Executive]

Courtney Maglone-Gillies

Digital Marketing Executive

[Emily Tuttlebury - General Assistant]

Emily Tuttlebury

General Assistant

[Ian Mattacola - Product Manager]

Ian Mattacola

Product Manager

[Ian Smithson - Stock & Samples Coordinator]

Ian Smithson

Stock & Samples Coordinator

[Lisa France - HR & Operations Manager]

Lisa France

HR & Operations Manager

[Sarah Holey - Marketing Manager]

Sarah Holey

Marketing Manager