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Our Family

Central Team

[Daniel Little - Managing Director Commercial]

Daniel Little

Managing Director Commercial

[Zoe Fox - Managing Director Commercial]

Zoe Fox

PA to Managing Director

[Bayley Seymour - Marketing Assistant]

Bayley Seymour

Marketing Assistant

[Courtney Maglone-Gillies - Digital Marketing Executive]

Courtney Maglone-Gillies

Digital Marketing LEAD

[David Clare - Business Support Manager]

David Clare

Director of Commercial Central Operations

[Ian Mattacola - Product Manager]

Elly Richards


[Tina Hughan - Marketing Manager]

Tina Hughan


Central Sales Support Team

[Agnieszka Skrypczak - Sales Support Administrator]

Agnieszka Skrypczak

Sales Support Administrator

[Claire Lewis - Sales Support Administrator]

Claire Lewis

Sales Support Administrator

[Clare Long - Finance Support Manager]

Clare Long

Finance Support Manager

[Holly Peck - Sales Support Co-ordinator]

Holly Peck

Sales Support Co-ordinator

[Ian Smithson - Stock & Samples Coordinator]

Ian Smithson

Stock & Samples Coordinator

[James Joyce - Sales Support Team Manager]

James Joyce

Sales Support Team Manager

[Jordan Matthews - Stock and Samples Coordinator]

Jordan Matthews

Stock and Samples Coordinator

[Jeremy Long - Operations Support Manager]

Jeremy Long

Operations Support Manager

[Kelly Goodacre - Sales Support Co-ordinator]

Kelly Goodacre

Sales Support Co-ordinator

[Louise Reddell - Sales Support Co-ordinator]

Louise Reddell

Sales Support Co-ordinator

[Nikki Brownley - Sales Support Co-ordinator]

Nikki Brownley

Sales Support Co-ordinator

[Nimisha Mistry - Sales Support Administrator]

Nimisha Mistry

Sales Support Administrator

[Nikki Brownley - Sales Support Manager]

Philippa Hill

Sales Support and Sample Operations Manager

[Richard Eagland - Stock and Samples Coordinator]

Richard Eagland

Stock and Samples Coordinator

[Rizwan Saleh - Sales Support Co-ordinator]

Rizwan Saleh

Sales Support Co-ordinator

[Sandra Van Spronsen - Sales Support Co-ordinator]

Sandra Van Spronsen

Sales Support Co-ordinator

[Sat Sandhu - Sales Support Co-ordinator]

Sat Sandhu

Sales Support Co-ordinator

[Zara Warner - Administration and Samples Coordinator]

Zara Warner

Administration and Samples Coordinator

[Zoe Harcus - Sales Support Administrator]

Zoe Harcus

Sales Support Administrator

[Zoe Stevens - Sales Support Co-ordinator]

Zoe Stevens

Sales Support Co-ordinator

Architectural Sales Team

[Andy Habbick - Specification Manager]

Andy Habbick

Specification Manager

[Chris McGlennon - Specification Manager]

Chris McGlennon

Parkside Scotland

[Colin Trenery - Specification Manager]

Colin Trenery

Specification Manager

[Damian Merritt - Specification Consultant]

Damian Merritt

Specification Consultant

[Denzil Johns - Specification Consultant]

Denzil Johns

Specification Manager

[Fraser Lockley - Specification Consultant]

Fraser Lockley

Specification Manager

[Hugh Ball - Specification Consultant]

Hugh Ball

Specification Consultant

[James Journet - Sales Design Director]

James Journet

Sales Design Director

[James Saunders - Specification Consultant]

James Saunders

Specification Consultant

[Jessica Cano - Specification Manager]

Jessica Cano

Specification Manager

[Jonathan Wiles - Director of Commercial Sales]

Jonathan Wiles

Director of Commercial Sales

[Karl Reeves - Specification Manager]

Karl Reeves

Specification Manager

[Lauren Riley - Specification Manager]

Lauren Riley

Specification Manager

[Luke Roberts - Business Development Manager]

Luke Roberts

Business Development Manager

[Mark Hughes - Specification Manager]

Mark Hughes

Specification Manager

[Mattia Galassi - Balham Design Studio – Specification Consultant]

Mattia Galassi

CHELSEA Design Studio – Specification Consultant

[Natalie Milan - Chelsea Design Studio – Specification Consultant]

Natalie Milan

Chelsea Design Studio – Specification Consultant

[Neil Lutterloch - Specification Manager]

Neil Lutterloch

Specification Manager

[Phillip Handley - Specification Manager]

Phillip Handley

Specification Manager

[Richard France - Sales Design Director]

Richard France

Sales Design Director

[Steve Lacey - Sales Design Director]

Steve Lacey

Sales Design Director

[Tam Samad - Specification Manager]

Tam Samad

Specification Manager

[Tracey Turner - Specification Consultant]

Tracey Turner

Specification Consultant