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Visitor Type:
  • Architect/Designer
  • Residential Developer
  • Tiling Contractor
Visitor Type:
  • Architect/Designer
  • Residential Developer
  • Tiling Contractor

Cost-effective shower panels

Our easy to install range of shower and bathroom wall panels give a waterproof, no-hassle finish for hotels, student accommodation, build to rent, multi-occupancy and social housing, and private residential projects.

A fast to install waterproof wall system for showers and bathrooms

Available in an impressive range of decorative effects, our PVC and laminate shower and bathroom wall panels bring a premium look without the price tag. From marble and terrazzo to mineral, stone and tile; the system makes it fast and easy to create a high-spec look in a 100% waterproof finish that's mould-resistant and easy to clean.

Designed for hotel accommodation blocks, social homes and student housing

Our cellular PVC bathroom wall and shower panels are a stylish and low-cost solution for bathrooms in hotel accoummodation blocks, social and affordable homes, and student accommodation projects. 

100% waterproof, they are ideal for use in showers, bathrooms and wetrooms, creating an attractive and durable wall finish. Quick to install on a range of wall types using compatible adhesive, the PVC panels can be installed in shower enclosures, bath surrounds and walls to give a finish that requires minimal maintenance. 

Importantly, the finish is easy to clean for tenants and without grout lines, it helps to cut down on mould and bacteria growth. Periodic maintenance with an anti-bacterial PVC cleaner maintains excellent hygiene. The surface is also resistant to scratches and stains. 

Available in white and light grey marble, grey concrete and white crystal (pictured), the affordable panels improve the look of bathrooms in social and affordable homes, while making them easier to look after and more hygienic for tenants.

Parkside PVC shower and bathroom panels for sutdent accommodation and private housing

Designed for build to rent, changing areas and private residential homes

Our laminate bathroom wall and shower panels are a stylish alternative to tiles with low-cost fitting within build to rent, changing areas, and private residential developments. 

Create a high-spec look with our waterproof laminate bathroom panels. Using an exterior grade FSC certified MDF core and decorative laminate surface available in a wide range of designs, the panels feature Hydrolock click for a watertight seal. 

The system is fast and easy to install using high-grab adhesives on a range of substrates and can be installed with the Invisible Corner Profile for a profile-free finish. The result is a premium look to bathrooms, shower enclosures and wet rooms that's durable and easy to maintain with no grout to discolour or become mouldy.

Projects can enjoy a wide range of decorative looks with panels available in marble, concrete, stone, tile, terrazzo and wood alongside many other options. Our laminate panels are suitable for build to rent and private residential developments looking to achieve a premium finish without high material or installation costs. 

Parkside laminate bathroom shower and wall panels for homes and build to rent

Adhesives, sealants and profiles for a high-quality system

The Parkside Bathroom and Shower Wall Panel collection comes with high-quality installation products and profiles. 

To create a reliable 100% waterproof system, you must use the recommended adhesives and sealants, as well as system profiles. Providing options to accommodate layouts, including base and end profiles for discrete protection from water ingress, the profiles are available in a range of finishes. With black, satin, polished and white to choose from, these high quality metal profiles provide a smart finish that adds to the premium look. 

Also available is the High Grab Adhesive and Sealant that's specially designed to ensure a secure bond between the panel and wall substrate. In a range of colours, the adhesive is quickly applied using a standard cartridge gun. 

profiles and accessories for bathroom and shower wall panels in PVC and laminate from Parkside Architectural Tiles