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Visitor Type:
  • Architect/Designer
  • Residential Developer
  • Tiling Contractor
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Glazed Porcelain and Glass Pool and Cladding Tiles

Aquatechnica™ Complete Pool and Spa Tile Solutions

The Aquatechnica™ portfolio includes everything needed to deliver a tile specification that works hard for your swimming pool or spa project.

With pool tank, surround, changing room, wet area, circulation, outdoor and complementary area tiles, profiles, movement joints, adhesives, epoxy grouts, renders, screeds and waterproofing; Aquatechnica™ delivers a total answer from design to installation.

The Aquatechnica™ range is available exclusively from Parkside.

Tiles for Pool Surrounds, Changing Rooms and Wet Areas

Thanks to Aquatechnica™, stepping out of the changing room and into the pool is a safer and more hygienic experience with durable textured tiles providing up to R12C anti-slip (36+ PTV minimum).

From purposeful neutral colourways in concrete and other architectural effects to tiles in elegant and bold colour palettes and glass mosaics, we can deliver a design solution that provides a high-quality interior finish on walls and floors.

Textures and glaze can be selected depending on level of slip-resistance required and our collections feature cove and skirting tile options for a coordinated transition from floors to walls.

As with our other Aquatechnica™ performance tile solutions, we support our pool surround, changing room and wet area tile collections with adhesives, grout, joints, profiles and grating to complete a high-quality installation for every project.

High-design tiles for spas, outdoor spaces and homes

Along with complete tile solutions for public and competition environments, we also have Aquatechnica™ tiles that blend high aesthetic principles with the anti-slip performance needed to bring a safe surface underfoot.

Creating a true sense of luxury with durable and maintenance friendly finishes, these tiles excel in contributing to sophisticated and elegant design in private club swimming pools, health and wellbeing facilities and at home swimming pools.

To respond to the rise of outdoor living spaces and lido style facilities, we also offer a range of outdoor porcelain tiles ready for the rigours of all-year use. Providing a durable and safe surface underfoot in nearly all conditions, Aquatechnica™ outdoor tiles are ideal as an extension of pool surrounds.

High-Performance Tile Systems for Congregation Areas

The Aquatechnica™ range for congregation areas provides versatile tile options to create a welcoming feel while providing excellent durability in a low maintenance finish.

Terrazzo, concrete, stone, marble and wood effects ensure the depth to approach any reception or congregation area, bringing the maintenance, hygiene and durability benefits of ceramic and porcelain tiles on floors and walls.

Ideal for member-only health clubs and private facilities that demand a high-impact entrance that impresses at every opportunity, Aquatechnica™ tiles can create a natural feeling design flow throughout the entire space, while simplifying maintenance and excelling at long-term appearance retention from the entrance to changing room and beyond.

And of course, the Aquatechnica™ approach to complete tile specifications also means that you can develop a complete tiling solution for congregation areas. With colour coordinated grouts and premium effect profiles, Aquatechnica™ ensures the highest standard of finish can be achieved.

Technical Pool Tiles

Complete tile specifications from design to installation

The Aquatechnica™ system is supported by the Ardex range of specialist swimming pool renders, waterproofing, levellers, epoxy grouts and adhesives.

The range has been specially selected because of its reputation for delivering reliable and consistent results in extreme environments. Combined with our tiles, grating, profiles and joints, we can work with you to develop a solution that meets the unique needs of your swimming pool project. From design to installation, Aquatechnica™ is here to help you create better swimming pool tile specifications.


Competition and Diving Pools

Aquatechnica™ pool tank tiles provide a basic technical solution for the demands of swimming pools. With options for competition and leisure pools, they can be used to deliver a high-performance and durable specification in a range of sizes.

For more information view the relevant pages of our brochure.


Pool Edge Details

Aquatechnica™ shaped pool edge systems provide a unique solution for leisure and competition pools. Designed to work with standard grating widths, they help to eliminate chlorine concentration and sit just 3cm above the water surface for better visibility.

For more information view the relevant pages of our brochure.


Channel Grating

Aquatechnica™ channel grating is made from high-quality, slip-resistant polyethylene that delivers long-term performance. Corrosion and weather-resistant, it is available in an array of widths and thicknesses to suit requirements.

For more information view the relevant pages of our brochure.

Featured Project

Birch Lido Chorus tiles from Strata Tiles

Colourful slip-resistant tiles have been used in the swimming pool and surround of Birch Lido, continuing the language of usable art, playfulness and sculpture found at the hotel.

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