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Visitor Type:
  • Architect/Designer
  • Residential Developer
  • Tiling Contractor
Visitor Type:
  • Architect/Designer
  • Residential Developer
  • Tiling Contractor


Sizes 1 Colours 15 Finishes 4

In this range

Cabrera is a wall tile range that celebrates colour and texture. With 15 colours in both
matt and gloss finish, with various 3D structures, it’s the go-to range for creating an expansive
statement on your walls. The various designs and finishes allows you to mix and match to really exude creativity in design.

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yellow praia

yellow onda

white praia

white onda

terra praia

terra onda

tansy green praia

tansy green onda

straw praia

straw onda

pink stony praia

pink stony onda

naval praia

naval onda

laurel green praia

laurel green onda

grey praia

grey onda

glacier praia

glacier onda

black praia

black onda

beige pale praia

beige pale onda

banyan blue praia

banyan blue onda

baby blue praia

baby blue onda

aloe praia

aloe onda

yellow gloss

yellow matt

white gloss

white matt

terra gloss

terra matt

tansy green gloss

straw gloss

straw matt

pink stony gloss

naval gloss

naval matt

laurel green gloss

laurel green matt

grey gloss

grey matt

glacier matt

glacier gloss

black gloss

black matt

beige pale gloss

beige pale matt

banyan blue gloss

banyan blue matt

baby blue gloss

baby blue matt

aloe matt

tansy green matt

aloe gloss

pink stony matt

Product Information


  • Ceramic Wall Tiles


  • Small (300x300 and smaller)


  • 50x200

Please Note: All product options may not be available in every size above. Please contact us to check specific product sizing.


  • Matt
  • Structured
  • Gloss

Wall Or Floor

  • Wall Only