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Visitor Type:
  • Architect/Designer
  • Residential Developer
  • Tiling Contractor
Visitor Type:
  • Architect/Designer
  • Residential Developer
  • Tiling Contractor


Sizes 7 Colours 34 Finishes 4

In this range

Duracem is a cementitious terrazzo comprising of hard granite and marble minerals suspended in a cement-based binder.

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stdgg21 brushed

stdgg21 honed

stdgg21 polished

stdgg21 sandblasted

stdgg22 brushed

stdgg22 honed

stdgg22 polished

stdgg22 sandblasted

stdgm41 brushed

stdgm41 honed

stdgm41 polished

stdgm41 sandblasted

stdgm42 brushed

stdgm42 honed

stdgm42 polished

stdgm42 sandblasted

stdgm43 brushed

stdgm43 honed

stdgm43 polished

stdgm43 sandblasted

stdgm44 brushed

stdgm44 honed

stdgm44 polished

stdgm44 sandblasted

stdgm45 brushed

stdgm45 honed

stdgm45 polished

stdgm45 sandblasted

stdgm46 brushed

stdgm46 honed

stdgm46 polished

stdgm46 sandblasted

stdgm47 brushed

stdgm47 honed

stdgm47 polished

stdgm47 sandblasted

stdgm49 brushed

stdgm49 honed

stdgm49 polished

stdgm49 sandblasted

stdgm50 brushed

stdgm50 honed

stdgm50 polished

stdgm50 sandblasted

stdgm51 brushed

stdgm51 honed

stdgm51 polished

stdgm51 sandblasted

stdgm54 brushed

stdgm54 honed

stdgm54 polished

stdgm54 sandblasted

stdgm55 brushed

stdgm55 honed

stdgm55 polished

stdgm55 sandblasted

stdgm56 brushed

stdgm56 honed

stdgm56 polished

stdgm56 sandblasted

stdmm71 brushed

stdmm71 honed

stdmm71 polished

stdmm71 sandblasted

stdmm73 brushed

stdmm73 honed

stdmm73 polished

stdmm73 sandblasted

stdmm74 brushed

stdmm74 honed

stdmm74 polished

stdmm74 sandblasted

stdmm75 brushed

stdmm75 honed

stdmm75 polished

stdmm75 sandblasted

stdmm76 brushed

stdmm76 honed

stdmm76 polished

stdmm76 sandblasted

stdmm77 brushed

stdmm77 honed

stdmm77 polished

stdmm77 sandblasted

stdmm78 brushed

stdmm78 honed

stdmm78 polished

stdmm78 sandblasted

stdmm79 brushed

stdmm79 honed

stdmm79 polished

stdmm79 sandblasted

stdmm80 brushed

stdmm80 honed

stdmm80 polished

stdmm80 sandblasted

stdmm81 brushed

stdmm81 honed

stdmm81 polished

stdmm81 sandblasted

stdmm82 brushed

stdmm82 honed

stdmm82 polished

stdmm82 sandblasted

stdmm83 brushed

stdmm83 honed

stdmm83 polished

stdmm83 sandblasted

stdmm84 brushed

stdmm84 honed

stdmm84 polished

stdmm84 sandblasted

stdmm85 brushed

stdmm85 honed

stdmm85 polished

stdmm85 sandblasted

stdmm86 brushed

stdmm86 honed

stdmm86 polished

stdmm86 sandblasted

stdmm88 brushed

stdmm88 honed

stdmm88 polished

stdmm88 sandblasted

stdmm89 brushed

stdmm89 honed

stdmm89 polished

stdmm89 sandblasted

stdmm90 brushed

stdmm90 honed

stdmm90 polished

stdmm90 sandblasted

stdmm91 brushed

stdmm91 honed

stdmm91 polished

stdmm91 sandblasted

Product Information


  • Outdoor
  • Slip Resistant (PTV 36+)
  • Terrazzo Tiles
  • 18mm
  • 24mm
  • 30mm


  • Regular (300x300 to 600x600)
  • Large (600x600 and larger)


  • 300x600
  • 600x600
  • 300x300
  • 450x900
  • 400x400
  • 400x600
  • 500x500

Please Note: All product options may not be available in every size above. Please contact us to check specific product sizing.


  • Polished
  • Honed
  • Brushed
  • Sandblasted