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Visitor Type:
  • Architect/Designer
  • Residential Developer
  • Tiling Contractor
Visitor Type:
  • Architect/Designer
  • Residential Developer
  • Tiling Contractor


Sizes 4 Colours 44 Finishes 2

In this range

An extension to our popular Matrix collection, Elmden gives you complete freedom to create a unique design with the 44 colour options covering a variety of moods from tranquil and comforting to vibrant and energetic.

This collection is available in the following small size formats; 75x150mm, 200x200mm, 100x300mm and 150x300mm. However, not all colour/finish options are available in every size so please refer to the sizing/colour table attachment in the downloads section at the bottom of this page.

Order a sample

beringela 460 gloss

chocolate 450 gloss

purpura 430 gloss

cereja 420 gloss

salmoa 400 gloss

rosa 390 gloss

rosa 380 gloss

rosa 370 gloss

lavanda 360 gloss

azul 350 gloss

cobalto 340 gloss

azul 310 gloss

azul 300 gloss

pistachio 290 gloss

verde 280 gloss

verde 270 gloss

verde 260 gloss

azeitona 250 gloss

anis 240 gloss

amarelo 210 gloss

fogo 200 gloss

laranja 190 gloss

vermelho 180 gloss

preto 150 gloss

cinzento 140 gloss

cinzento 120 gloss

anthracite 110 gloss

cinzento 100 gloss

cinzento 090 gloss

azul 1330 gloss

verde folha 3500 gloss

verde azul 1800 gloss

verde 800 gloss

cinzento azul 1310 gloss

cinzento 1120 gloss

cinzento 1140 gloss

bege 1050 gloss

vermelho 170 gloss

white 000 gloss

white 001 matt

Product Information


  • Ceramic Wall Tiles
  • 7mm
  • Pool & Spa


  • Small (300x300 and smaller)


  • 200x200
  • 75x150
  • 100x300
  • 150x300

Please Note: All product options may not be available in every size above. Please contact us to check specific product sizing.


  • Matt
  • Gloss

Wall Or Floor

  • Wall Only