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Visitor Type:
  • Architect/Designer
  • Residential Developer
  • Tiling Contractor
Visitor Type:
  • Architect/Designer
  • Residential Developer
  • Tiling Contractor


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Sediment features the authentic appeal of the most famous and sought-after limestones, very diverse in its composition and origin – French Hauteville, Portuguese Moleanos, German Jura, Italian stone from Vicenza and Slovenian Lipika. The graphic contrast creates a texture rich in accurate, realistic details.

On the surfaces you can see fossils and shells, areas with parallel layers that testify to the progressive deposition of sediment over the centuries, others characterised by rocky aggregates or drawn only by the fine grain of the stone.

Size and finish options are:

Rectified porcelain (wall/floor)
Matt finish in 375x750mm, 750x750mm, 750x1500mm and 1200x1200mm (9mm thickness)
Matt finish in 1200x2780mm (6mm thickness)
Grip finish in 375x750mm (9mm thickness)
Textured finish in 600x600mm and 600x1200mm (20mm thickness for outdoors)

The grip and textured options have high slip resistance (PTV 36+).

The collection has two alternative finishes available in 375x750mm:

Bush-hammered – with a corrugated structure typical of machined natural stone, covered with shadows and patterns, for wall and floor use.
Line – a striped texture and a three-dimensional microstructure with a matt finish, ideal for use on decorative walls.

The 375×750 mm format is also available with a tumbled edge finish which gives the stone its characteristic antique look.

Ceramic (wall only)
Matt finish in 400x800mm (plain is 8.5mm thick, 3D design is 10mm thick)

This range contains 20% recycled content.

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Product Information


  • Outdoor
  • Pool & Spa
  • Slip Resistant (PTV 36+)
  • Stone Effect Tiles


  • Regular (300x300 to 600x600)
  • Large (600x600 and larger)


  • 400x800
  • 600x600
  • 600x1200
  • 750x750
  • 750x1500
  • 1200x1200
  • 1200x2780
  • 375x375

Please Note: All product options may not be available in every size above. Please contact us to check specific product sizing.


  • Matt
  • Grip
  • Structured
  • Tumbled

Slip Resistance

  • 36 PTV

Wall Or Floor

  • Wall and Floor
  • Wall Only

Recycled Content

  • 20%-29%