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Visitor Type:
  • Architect/Designer
  • Residential Developer
  • Tiling Contractor
Visitor Type:
  • Architect/Designer
  • Residential Developer
  • Tiling Contractor

Criaterra v2

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Criaterra is entirely made from natural materials, entirely recyclable and entirely biodegradable: a true zero-waste wall tile. Using up to 70% upcycled content from quarry waste (stone powders), clays and plant fibres, the wall tile uses a low temperature process that reduces greenhouse gases and takes 90% less energy than conventional ceramics.

Under the principle of Circular Earth Technology, Criaterra starts with 100% raw materials, even natural pigments, with up to 70% of these materials post-industrial recycled. The tile is then made with a patented process that replaces conventional high temperature firing for a 90% reduction in energy use and 0% combustion and process emissions. Thermally efficient (600% that of concrete), Criaterra also provides energy savings in use. At the end of life, it can be recycled or degraded back into the earth as nutrients.

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Product Information


  • Recycled Composite
  • 10mm


  • Small (300x300 and smaller)
  • Regular (300x300 to 600x600)


  • 150x450
  • 75x225
  • 150x225

Please Note: All product options may not be available in every size above. Please contact us to check specific product sizing.


  • Matt

Wall Or Floor

  • Wall Only

Recycled Content

  • Over 70%